Notice of Fortra Data Security Incident

Vendor Information

CHSPSC, LLC (CHSPSC) provides management services for entities affiliated with Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS). At CHSPSC, we are committed to doing business with the highest standards of integrity. Therefore, we also hold CHSPSC and CHS affiliated entities’ vendors and their representatives to specific standards of conduct when committing financial resources for the purchase of goods, services, and equipment.

Pursuant to our commitment to compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations, we require one representative from each vendor organization to enroll in VendorProof to allow us to meet several federal requirements. First, VendorProof collects and verifies data necessary to meet certain Medicare Advantage Plan Compliance Program requirements. Second, the information collected will facilitate mandatory federal and state sanction screening; and, third, but not last, the data will assist us with determining whether additional review may be necessary to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other privacy and security regulations. You should receive an email or letter with more information and VendorProof registration instructions. If you have not yet received information from VendorProof, please contact or visit